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My  amateur radio activities have been very limited over the last two years. Interesting work on antennas and the RF sections of medically implanted transceivers for Zarlink semiconductors has kept me busy. I did manage to put up 2 and 6 meter antennas in New York and work the CQ VHF contest QRP last year. I think this location needs QRO, the antenna on top of the neighbors 300 ft tower! or maybe just a more serious operator. I also spent a little time guiding our 6 year old sons assembly of a K2 100 watt power amplifier. Prior to the last two years my interests were centered around 160 meters and 10 GHz. 


Radios designed professionally by KF6C/G3ZVC.

Some of the drawings under these headings are less than
optimum as they are photos from old manuals.

G3ZVC ssb tranceiver.

Palomar PTR130K

Stoner DR333


Other Interests

Full time Rv'ing

Vintage Radios

Bicycle Racing.

Equipment For Sale

Parts For Sale 

Links: Design house responsible for DR333 and Radware "Comer Communications Inc" www.radiocomms.cc 


Our Historic home in Chenango county New York. The building in the front of this picture is the original carriage house which has had garages added on the back.



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